Fly Control

Housefly Control Service

Flies are mechanical vectors of food-borne diseases. They carry germs on their mouthparts, body and legs and also in their alimentary tract. They defecate and regurgitate partially digested food as they feed on human food causing contamination and food poisoning. Some of the more common diseases associated with flies are Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonellosis and Dysentery.

The 3 most common species of flies in Singapore are the housefly, the blue-bottle fly and the flesh fly.

Control Measures

Sanitation is of fore-most importance in the management of any fly infestation. Regular cleaning of surfaces, removal of any breeding source or exclusion of flies from potential breeding sources and proper disposal of organic waste are important measures which when fully implemented can bring about successful reduction in fly population.

Electric UV Light Fly Traps with adhesives are useful monitoring tools in premises which demands very high standards of hygiene.

Chemical control normally involves use of residual sprays and poison granular baits. In instances whereby presence of moderate to heavy infestation of adult flies is encountered and immediate control is needed, use of aerosols (total-release) or ULV misting is carried out with caution.